Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week of October 7

We've been busy with our seed art in third grade, having traced a drawing onto our 8x8 inch panels.  The task at hand now is to determine which seeds most closely match our color copy of our Minnesota bird!
Each student has their own bird they are working with- no repeats at all! We use popsicle sticks to move the seeds into place and Elmer's glue to stick them down.   Great work so far!

Miles works on his magpie~

And in Fourth Grade, most of our glue and chalk trees are completed and will be hanging in the 3rd/4th Commons!  Keep an eye out for them!
The process was deliciously messy, using a variety of artist-quality soft pastels to blend colors inside the glue lines.
I am happily impressed with the abilities of our students!

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