Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 22, Minnesota Seed Birds by 3-H

And here are our Seed Art Minnesota Birds by 3-H!  I also wanted to add a link to the Ed Emberly website because there are some great drawing PDFs and videos on there, and Ed Emberly's drawing books are some of my favorites!
And now, the birds!
Amelia, American Robin

Anika, Goldenwinged Warbler


Ballard, Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Bennett, Song Sparrow

Cole, Black-Backed Woodpecker

Egan, Swainson's Hawk

Elli V, Bluejay

Ellie Z, Orchard Oriel

Henry, Eastern Bluebird

James, SHarp-Shinned Hawk

Meredith, Vesper Sparrow

Miles, Black Billed Magpie

Peyton, Western Kingbird

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