Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3rd Grade Applehead Dolls!

We have been working really hard on our applehead dolls!  We started these by carving apples, stringing them on wire, dipping them into lemon juice and sprinking them all over thickly with salt and then dangling them over newspaper for a few weeks to dry and shrink. While they shrank, students twisted wire and fabric together and learned how to design and sew clothing for their figures.  Hair, eyes, hands and feet have all been added, and other accessories.

Students have been finishing up props and backgrounds and writing a tiny bio for their figures.  They will all be on display in the glass cases just outside the artroom by next week.  Come on up and take a look!  See if you can figure out their occupation before reading about it!
A Gardener

Two Blacksmiths at work

A Blue-Haired Astronomer

Keno, who loves the outdoors~

Stephen and Einstein have lunch together~

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