Monday, May 2, 2016

4th Grade Hunderwasser Trees!

In 4th grade we've been looking at artist and Architect, Freidensreich Hundertwasser, whose name means "Peace Kingdom Hundred Waters" and whose architecture designs are among the most unique in the world.  He was a believer in keeping the world as green as possible and his designs always included ways to have trees, bushes and grass incorporated into his buidlings.
These collages are made from paintings the students created, and then cut in imitation of Hunderwasser's paintings.
These are all from Ms Schaefer and Ms Pape's Classes!  The rest will be coming out soon-

and a HUGE thank you to all those wonderful parents who came along to the Walker last week for our field trip!  We had a great time!
Alex F

Anna F

Annika W

Aziah G

Cooper P

Corrine M



Grady M

Henry G


Joey H

Jonny M

Julius J

Katie W

Kevin A

Matthew S

Matty P

Max A

Niya S

Noah D

Noah G 

Samuel G

Takiera S

Tommy W


Uma N

Will K

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